You can make arrangements for your fresh flowers to be picked up
from your wedding reception, home, or other location by calling

You can relax, we will come to you and pick-up your wedding flowers
on your special day...

We are sure to receive your flowers at the peak of freshness, which will
ensure quality freeze drying...

Your floral bouquet is cared for by professional preservation florists
immediately after your wedding or event.                     

The cost for fresh flower pick-up service fee depends on your location,
please call for the current rate. We would like reservations at least 2
weeks prior to scheduled pick up date.  This ensures that we will have
a driver available especially for you.  Even if this is last minute for you
call anyway, we will do our best to make arrangements for you!

Pick-up service payment must be made prior to scheduled pick-up
date. You can make your payment my mail.  Make check payable to
Victorian Rose.  

Please mail payment to

Victorian Rose
4626 House Springs Center
House Springs, MO 63051
Floral Preservation
Preserve Your Memories