Receipt of your flowers is deemed acceptance of the following policies
unless notified otherwise.

Preserving your flowers requires good planning. Please call 2 to 8 weeks
before the event to discuss flower types, care, and handling,  We give
one free consultation at our Design Center before the event day.  At that
time you can make your final decision on your personal keepsake.  

Did you forget to call before your event?  
No problem, please call as soon as possible so we can start the freeze
dry process.  

We accept Cash, Money Orders, Credit Cards and Personal Checks with
proper identification.

Deposits are not refundable and are equal to 50% of keepsake chosen.  If
keepsake chosen is less that $150.00 full payment must be made prior to
Elegant Petals receiving your flowers.

.1. You are paying Victorian Rose to freeze dry your flowers.
2. Your Bouquet is disassembled for proper freeze drying techniques.
Stems are cut from the flowers and discarded. Bouquet handles are
3.  Freeze dried flowers must be encased by Victorian Rose.
4.  One free consultation is given to each client.  Cancellations must be
made within 8 hours of appointment time or applicable charges will occur.

1. Time frames for service:
A) Frame/keepsake selections must be made within 3 weeks of receipt of
fresh flowers. I agree that it is my responsibility to make keepsake
selections on time.  It is my responsibility to make final pick-up of
completed items within 15 days of notification of completion.  After 15
days I will be charged $5.00 per day, per keepsake.  After 30 days all
monies, flowers, and mementos  will be considered abandoned and
become property of Elegant Petals and will be disposed of.  All monies
paid will be forfeited.  
B) I agree that it is my responsibility to deliver any mementos to Elegant
Petals within 3 weeks from receipt of flowers.  Mementos not received
within 3 weeks will be left out of display or I will be charged for the time
that the mementos are not at Elegant Petals.  Elegant Petals is authorized
to use whatever materials and techniques necessary to properly mount
any memento without regard to damage, staining, or reversibility.  When
adding invitations, photos, or programs to a display it is a good idea to
bring two (2) in case of damage.
2.Damages: Elegant Petals is not responsible for loss of my flowers or
mementos in an occurrence such as, buy not limited to fire, storm, loss of
electricity, flood, mechanical failure or any circumstances beyond Elegant
Petals control.  All damages to keepsake must be reported within 24
hours of receipt of keepsake.
3. Privacy: Elegant Petals reserves the right to use photographs of my
flowers before and after completion for the purpose of display, exhibition,
contests, web site display, and any other similar marketing purposes.
4. Longevity: Due to Mother Nature flowers may change color slightly.  
Over a period of time they take on a more Victorian shading.  Color
enhancement may be used.  Fresh foliages in your flower design may be
substituted with silk.  Nevertheless no guarantees will be made as to the
shelf life.  
5. Required Deposits and Payments:  A non-refundable payment is
required before flowers are preserved. This deposit will be applied to my
completed keepsake.  Any balance due must be paid in full before
keepsake is released.  Any check that is returned will be subject to a $30
fee, thereafter cash only. Cash, Money Orders, and Personal Checks are
accepted by Elegant Petals.
6. Changes to Keepsakes: I understand that changes in design to
completed keepsakes may not be possible without damage to flowers or
memorabilia. Elegant Petals will seek to fulfill your spoken desires when
designing your keepsake but should your desire change due to personal
taste once your keepsake is completed, there will be a prepaid
non-refundable minimum fee of $75 plus an hourly rate.
7. Agreement: I give Elegant Petals my permission to preserve the flowers
delivered to them on this date using their best judgment for preservation. I
also give permission for Elegant Petals to create all floral keepsakes
concerning this order using their best judgment for design. Any
preferences for flower design or memorabilia design are to be in writing
and submitted to Elegant Petals on this date. In the case that framing or
keepsake selection and design is made at a future date concerning this
order, the following shall apply: Any preferences are to be in writing and
submitted to Elegant Petals on the date of selection.  Please note that all
preferences may NOT be met.

Although we try to accommodate all request, final design decisions are
made by Elegant Petals Floral Preservation.

8. Return Policy: Freeze-drying costs and all sales are final.

Elegant Petals reserves the right to refuse any order for any
Floral Preservation
Preserve Your Memories